Long story short...

Julia Sun is a television host specializes in curated content for Millennial and Gen Z viewers. She's been seen on a hundred NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliate channels across America, on top streaming platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, and via the world's top broadcast agency Reuters. Julia began her TV career leading a nationally syndicated lifestyle show and soon expanded into programs of all kinds. Among the luminaries on her shows are A-list celebrities and influencers, Olympic and Super Bowl champions, star CEOs and entrepreneurs, and U.S. presidential candidates. 

Julia has dreamed of being on TV since as long as she could remember, but that dream was once a very distant one. She grew up in Silicon Valley, California, at the turn of the millennium when innovations in technology exploded. Within her neighborhood, the best fashion accessory was a perfect grade point average (not a pair of chic glasses, surprise!), which she rightfully had. She left California to enjoy her college days in the idyllic Upstate New York - drawing diagrams, solving differential equations, and looking into a microscope - and on her 21st birthday, she decided to be adventurous for once by becoming a huge rebel and not returning to the scientific laboratory. Her parents were mortified.

She chose the most unfamiliar path that she knew to be real at the time: Wall Street (according to her upbringing, careers outside of medicine, law and engineering don’t actually exist). In one of the largest investment banks in the world, she worked on transactions worth millions and millions of dollars everyday. She credits her well-cultivated mathematical talent for her success. Her life seemed perfect: she was in her early 20’s and had the dream career of every other Ivy League graduate. And that was when she realized that while she was living the dream of many other people of her age, the dream was not hers and that if the rest of her life were only filled with the so-called prestigious job titles, she’d be miserable.

Hoping to turn her latent passion into concrete ideas, she scaled back her work (a.k.a. day job) and explored the wildest frontier she never knew. She was introduced to the art of storytelling in front of and behind the camera (she remembers catching her breath when loading her first ever 16mm Kodak 100 ft film roll and how hard she tried to not drop it!!) and started to feel the other side of her brain come to life. Shortly after, she had to admit that she was addicted to how much she wants to tell people, through the lenses, about the happenings in the world and the depth of human emotions. It was almost too easy.