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Julia Sun | TV Host

Julia Sun is a television host known for her uplifting energy and passion to serve Millennial and Gen Z viewers. She's been seen on a hundred NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliate channels across America, on top streaming platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, and via the world's top broadcast agency Reuters. Julia began her TV career leading a nationally syndicated lifestyle show and has done programs of every kind. Among the luminaries on her shows are A-list celebrities and influencers, Olympic and Super Bowl champions, star CEOs and entrepreneurs, and U.S. presidential candidates. 

Julia is the last person anyone would expect to be on TV. She grew up in Silicon Valley, California, at the turn of the millennium when innovations in technology exploded. Within her neighborhood, the best fashion accessory was a perfect grade point average (not a pair of chic glasses, surprise!), which she had. She left California to "enjoy" her college years in the freeeezing Upstate New York - drawing diagrams, solving differential equations, and looking into a microscope while wearing a hazmat suit - and then worked in manufacturing plants making aerospace and defense widgets. At the rebellious age of early 20's, she decided to be adventurous for once and kissed the scientific world goodbye. Her parents were mortified.

She chose the most unfamiliar path that she knew to be real at the time: Wall Street (according to her upbringing, careers outside of medicine, law and engineering don't actually exist). In one of the top investment banks in the world, she worked on deals worth millions and millions of dollars everyday even though she used to have no idea of anything Adam Smith wrote. She credits her curiosity and the ability to pick up anything quickly for her success (but really, she credits math...). There, while working among young individuals looking to become her generation's foremost leaders and influencers, she realized her nerdy/dorky/geeky aura was holding her back - she was shy and had no clue about how to interact with anyone. She was eager to improve her social skills from zero, so she began to study acting and comedy improv. 

She eventually landed lead roles in Off-Broadway theater shows and fashion commercials. Hopelessly, she fell in love with the limelights, really hopelessly. One day, she walked into another audition thinking it was for a role in a Hollywood romantic comedy. It wasn't. They were looking for a TV host instead.


She gave it a try, and the rest is history. 

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